Sex tourism is not only a male type of vacation, because every year more and more active women go abroad with the purpose of making a pleasant erotic acquaintance. And although it is still not accepted in society to talk about women’s resort romances, entire countries have adapted their intimate industry exclusively for foreign female tourists. Here’s what Pander says about it:

Fifth place – Egypt’s sex services

Egypt is one of the most popular countries for female intimate leisure. Here, compliments on foreign women fall from all sides, and Arab men actively give tourists signs of attention in the hope of attracting and start a love affair. Young Egyptians do not care about the age or appearance of a woman – for a few gifts or a small material reward putanas will decorate the whole vacation with their company.

But it is important to remember that it is not recommended to meet with Arabs on their territory – it is forbidden by local traditions. Therefore, for sex services there are specialized hotels or massage parlors. Also for foreign women are organized free discos, where you can make a pleasant acquaintance with a local macho.

Mexico – unique variety of prostitutes and hookers

Mexico is recognized as one of the most popular destinations for erotic leisure, as there are prostitutes and prostitutes of any gender and orientation in the country. Hot Latinos meet tourists immediately after getting off the plane and gladly accompany them throughout their vacation. You can also make an adult acquaintance on the streets of resort towns or in nightclubs.

If a foreign woman plans to get in touch with a professional and reliable prostitute for a long period of time, it is better to book him in an agency or on the Internet. For example, on the site there is a separate category for publishing profiles of compliant guys who stand out against the background of classic indviduals.

Spain – here live passionate putas

Spanish guys are characterized by hot temperament and attractive appearance, so tourists come to the country to have an unforgettable resort affair. And although the cost of local sex services is biting, if a tourist is interested in a prostitute, he will spend a vacation with her in his pleasure and completely free of charge.

Most of all individuals and prostitutes on the streets of Madrid and Barcelona – there are even semi-official brothels, where tourists are given a choice of men with different looks. You can also book a special excursion to the mountains or the sea, indicating that intimacy is a mandatory part of the trip.

Ukraine – an option with budget prostitutes

The advantage of the Ukrainian intimate industry is a huge variety at democratic prices. And although prostitute girls in the country are much more common than guys, sex tourists here will not be bored either – Ukrainians are characterized by high professionalism and the desire to please and pamper the client. Of course, available men in the ero-segment are more expensive, but even so their higher rates are many times more affordable than those of their European competitors.

If the usual individuals are easy to meet in night entertainment venues and even on the streets of resort towns, then easily accessible guys in such places rarely work. It is easier and more reliable to get acquainted on special sites and applications like – here guys-prostitutes publish extensive profiles with photos and a full list of sex services. Online dating allows you to arrange a meeting, avoiding long searches and trips to the hot spots of night cities. And the availability of search function on the sites by specified parameters simplifies the choice, in a couple of clicks eliminating unsuitable partners.