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Over the years, porn has gained a bad reputation. It’s been accused of rewiring people’s brains and changing their perceptions of sex. It was a time when the government banned porn aimed at females. Recent research conducted by the University of Cambridge has linked it to sexual addiction. There is some evidence that it may not be as bad as you think. Here are a few of the scientifically supported benefits of pornography. The following are six reasons why you might actually benefit from pornography.

High fidelity

Dopamine is released during pornography. Positive associations are formed to tell the brain. Feeling guilty is not necessarily the fault of your partner, it’s a reflection of societal stigmas. Cheating is less likely to occur among married users, according to research.


Watching sex makes you look like someone who has sex. Porn releases the bonding hormone oxytocin, which is the chemical that turns you into a repeat customer. Approximately 40 minutes are logged by the average man each week. It is not our place to judge whether this is an accurate estimate.

FAMILYXXX - Bitchy Big Tits Step Sister Thinks She's Entitled (Skylar Vox)

On the up

As you might expect, hitting play raises your blood pressure and respiration rate. Your manhood isn’t the only organ in play as your muscles relax. Motives and rewards are activated in the brain. Whether it’s drugs or dessert, these are the areas that are stimulated when you experience an illicit high.

Get pumped

As your session winds down, prolactin and vasopressin are released by the brain. It is for this reason that you hit your pillow hard after orgasm. It could also be the ideal time for a different kind of workout: erotic films cause testosterone surges that can improve your squat strength, says the UK Sports Council. Basically, it’s a pre-workout without unpleasant tingles.

Happy ending

Porn can lift your mood, but Bleep doesn’t always hit the spot, particularly if your solo work overshadows relationships.

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